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Serving Winslow & Northern Arizona for over 28 years.



We are here to provide you with the very best in:

Service:  Friendly small town service is the only way to go.  We don’t know any other way.  Come and see for yourself.

Selection:  We carry a huge selection of furniture, appliances, tires and bedding.  Don’t see what you like we can order it.

Quality:  Top notch and state of the art in everything we carry. 

Price:  There is something for everyone at prices you can afford. 


Service, Selection, Quality and Price are what we have built our business around.


Stop by and let us help you with making your home a place that you can be proud of.


We also deliver.




Color Tip:


“BROWN is the Protector, the "Earth Mother" to us all. Security and contentment are found in brown. It's the cozy color, enveloping us in strength and allowing for rest and recovery. Brown shelters us from the storms of life.


“The great balancing act of neutral BEIGE allows the other colors to come out and play. Beige is the arbitrator, joining disparate ideas together and forming new unions. It is the color of non color, the sameness of the desert lulling us into sleep through its unchallenging nature. “  Mark McCauley




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